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What our valued customers are saying

Ahuva made the most elegant kiddush for our family, after our first granddaughter was born. Salads, presentation, all my daughters favorite foods were delish! Just thinking about it a a year later makes my mouth water. Ahuva's desserts, Israeli favorites are her specialty. Ahuva made the Shabbat Kallah family lunch and Seudah Shilishit Party before my daughters wedding. All the food was plentiful and excellent. I wish Ahuva lived in Chicago, because I would employ her often. You can't go wrong with Ahuva!

Sherry Weinberger, jerusalem, Israel

Abundant and delicious simcha food. Ahuva was great with discussing options of what would work best with our vision of the event. Our guests enjoyed the food so much, there was no time for the photographer to capture it on film!

Rachel Wanetik,

Our family recently visited Israel, and we needed Shabbat meals, as we were only arriving in Jerusalem a few hours before Shabbat. I contacted Ahuva several weeks before from the States, and she was very responsive and helpful. Everything was planned before we arrived. Her menu is huge, and her prices are very reasonable. She delivered all of the food to us, and it was DELICIOUS! She also made a custom-decorated cake for us later in the week for our daughter's Bat Mitzvah, which was amazing. I would definitely recommend her for any of your catering needs!

Melanie Avner,

Great food, incredibly convenient, and perfect quantities. definitely recommended!

Ari Wenig, jerusalem

The food was beyond excellent! I would order one more pan of everything if I could for Succos!

But I have a new business opportunity for you. Forget the catering, and just make chocolate chip cookies. Your new name is going to be "Not Stam Cookies." By Ahuva Staum

Rivkie Berger, United States

The homemade pickles were a huge success (like everything; always)! We had my brother-in-law close his eyes and when we put the dish of pickels under his nose he said it took him back to Brooklyn! All of Shabbos lunch was so yummy that on Sunday evening my relatives asked if they couldn't just come over and finish up the left-overs rather than going out to eat! That says A LOT because there are no kosher restaurants in Kansas, where they live, so eating out when they are here in Israel surrounded by kosher restaurants is a special treat; but your cooking out-classed them all. Thanks too for such creative menus. Everything was amazing! So looking forward to our next venture together. Shine on!

Robbie, Jerusalem

I have never ordered from WIDI, but I did grow up with Ahuva Staum and can testify to her amazing cooking abilities. Cooking has always been her passion and she is extremely talented, responsible, and will prepare your meals to perfection. Hire WIDI to cater your event and you will not be disappointed.

Shoshana (Staum) Neuwirth, Waterbury, CT

Brisket was definitely YUM…everyone enjoyed it…and the gravy went quickly!!

Roasted veggies were also a perfect compliment. Thank you so much!!!

The conversation around the table is always greatly enhanced by the food that is served and makes people feel welcome and at home.

You’re the best!!!

Robbie, Jerusalem

On our return visit to Israel for Succos we did not hesitate to once again use the catering services of Ahuva Staum. You can be sure she did not disappoint. The food arrived fresh and delicious on erev yom tov and it was enjoyed by all. Thanks Ahuva. You are now officially the Katz's caterer of choice!

Esther Katz, Monsey, NY

Ahuva prepared and served an amazing meal for our for our thirty guests. We returned home from a long day of sightseeing to her amazing feast. There was large variety of tasty dishes and an abundance of food.
She was a pleasure to make all the arrangements with and had many suggestions which would make our simcha special.
Thank you so much Ahuva

Ellen shumiatcher, Vancouver Canada

Ahuva went above and beyond to make our simcha extra special. She catered the friday night Shabbat dinner for my daughters bat mitzvah. Everything was organised via email. She was super professional, and the food was amazing!!!! Thank you Ahuva!!!!

Jo Bailison , Sydney Australia

I have the esteemed honor of being one of WIDI's first customers. Ahuva made me and my husband chimichangas and they were delicious. We were so impressed that for our anniversary, instead of going out to a restaurant, we asked her to cater a meal for us at our home. She made us Indian Lamb Chopos. It was so authentic and the presentation was beautiful as well.

This past Chanuka we had the pleasure of making a bris for our son. For this event of course we were going to hire Ahuva and we couldn't have been happier that we did. She was professional, took care of the setup, cleanup, decor and centerpieces, and the homemade cream cheeses and spreads were a huge hit. She also took into account that the number of guests I told her was a rough estimate and due to this prepared extra food which was a blessing because we needed it! She made the perfect amount of food and I honestly believe nothing was left at the end not because we had so many people, but because the food was so delicious. She is a pleasure to work with, very accommodating, and has competitive prices. And one last thing, Ahuva makes a mean latke!

Sarah Caras, Jerusalem, Israel

During our time in Jerusalem, Ahuva was the fairy we all wish we had every Erev Shabbat.
We arrived in Israel on Wednesday and after a very pleasant few phone calls with Ahuva on Thursday, I had our Shabbat menus planned out and our orders in with her.
We were out all day Friday and came home to a fridge full of delicious , fresh food delivered, labelled and perfectly stacked.
All that was left for me to do was to warm the food, and magically I could entertain 12 people for all the meals of the Shabbat.
The meals were tasty, beautifully presented and exactly what I had ordered. The portions were extremely generous and we enjoyed every dish. I particularly liked the succulent meat , and the cinnamon cake on Friday night .
I really appreciated Ahuva being so cooperative in planning menus to our tastes , and then the wonderful convenience of her delivering the food Erev Shabbat. The prices were very reasonable , and I only wish Ahuva appeared every Friday !!
I would certainly use her services again , and recommend her to anyone wanting to enjoy delicious stress- free meals while holidaying in Jerusalem.”

Atida LIpshatz, Melbourne,Australia

I really have a huge thanks to say. The vegetable curry you made us was magnificent! I grew up in Durban, South Africa - the home of authentic Indian curry. Your flavours are amongst the best I have tasted.
You were very generous with the quantity you have given us and I was fortunate to have plenty curry to enjoy for myself this week - my best food!
A huge thanks Ahuva and I intend keeping all your details for BH our next simcha in Jerusalem.
With my very best wishes and thank for everything.

Charlene Beinart, New Zealand

It is hard to please all the kids in our family, but Ahuva’s cooking made everyone happy!! There was an abundance of food and the care she puts in is obvious. The food showed up on time before Shabbos and Chag and with a smile. Everything was clearly labeled. Thank you so much and we would most certainly do this again.

Aviva K, United States

It has been a absolute pleasure having Ahuva cook for me. Especially with my specific diet I am on due to complicated stomach issues. She never seizes to surprise me with her ideas.

I can attest to the reliance and quality of Ahuva's cooking. She is always a step ahead thinking of creative and new dishes always adding a pinch of her secret recipe. I would advise anyone to use her for Catering!!

Shimon Stern, Jerusalem Isreal

I have never ordered anything from WIDI that wasn't absolutely incredible. I have a ordered everything from entire meals to baked goods to just hummus. Its so wonderful that there is the flexibility to order any food exactly how you want it (low cal, high cal, low carb etc.).

A good example of this is that you can not buy hummus without sesame anywhere else. As I can't eat sesame its a real treat to have a healthy study snack on hand. I would say you have to try her chicken cordon bleu you will not regret it!

Shalva Cutler, Jerusalem

THis was the fourth year that Ahuva made my thanksgiving turkey. Like always, it was incr(eadible).

Barya, Efrat Israel

Amazing food, service and person. Ahuva was fabulous to work with and the food was excellent. SOOOOO happy with everything. I will definitely be using You Wish It Catering for all my future food needs. Thanks!!

Danielle Gold, Israel

For the first time at a special event, there were absolutely NO complaints about the food! Thank you, Ahuva Staum and You Wish It, We Dish It for the scrumptious potato latkes We enjoyed today!

Cheryle Tacher, Jerusalem

Ahuva catered our grandson''s bris in Shiloh, Israel in July 2012. Besides displaying a beautiful presentation, the food was plentiful and DELICIOUS!! We had an Israeli caterer for the older brother but there was no comparison. Ahuva, you are the best!!

Fay Ziegler, Monsey, NY

I really have to thank Ahuva for putting in so much hard work into making our Sheva-Brachot so special.
She created for us an amazing Mexican FIESTA!
The whole room had a Mexican feel to it, and the food.... yum! there was chilli,tortillas, salsa, cheese, chips, dips and more.
It made my new husband feel as if he was back in southern Arizona.

Tamar Shugert, Israel

Ahuva is great to work with. Having her handle the majority of the meal makes for a relaxing event, and our guests always comment favorably on the food with oohs and aahs.
The recent Cinnamon Beef tagine was one of the best that I’ve tasted and that is saying A LOT; I’ve had several on a few business trips to North Africa, Ahuva’s wins, hands down.

Terry , Jerusalem

On our recent visit to Israel over the Chag - we were concerned about preparing meals for the 3 day Yom Tov.
We needn't have worried - we used the catering services of Ahuva Staum and were thrilled.
The good was delicious plentiful and arrived just the way we ordered it.
No hassle catering by "Ahuva Staum" is the way to go!

Esther Katz, Monsey, NY
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