Tips to making the Perfect Shnitzel!

  1. Everyone has their own schnitzel recipe. its a very personal dish. Here are just a few tips to make it even better!
    1. Cut the fillets a little thinner; not only do u get more pieces, but they cook faster so they stay moister
    2. Add a little soda water to the wet mixture, it will make them fluffier
    3. Add a little soy milk or non-dairy creamer to the wet mixture – makes the schnitzel richer.
    4. Make sure to spice the wet mixture and the dry mixture! I personally use seasoning salt in the wet mixture and an herb mix in the dry. That way the chicken has the slight saltiness and the outside has the earthy flavor as well as the pretty colors.
    5. Always let the oil warm when adding more. If you put the chicken in the cold oil it can make the breading fall off before it even heats up.
    6. If you want to make the schnitzel egg-free for any reason just make a wet mixture of soda water, creamer and spices!